This is the home of the Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control Facebook group which was created in 2014 in order to provide a safe, non-judging, women-only space for any woman who observes fertility signs (basal body temperature, cervical mucus/fluids, and cervix position) to track their fertility for birth control, health, or conception.

You are welcome to join, it doesn’t matter which fertility awareness method (FAM) you use although be aware that our primary focus is the Sympto-Thermal Method (cervical fluid & basal body temperature method), as one of the most highly effective methods available. This means that we do not advocate the use of the rhythm/calendar method nor the “fertility apps” which utilise body temperature only to compute fertility using proprietary algorithms (eg Natural Cycles, Daysy, LadyComp).

If you are interested in learning FAM, you’re also welcome to join. We will help you during the learning process.

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Our Facebook page is linked here and you may contact us via Messenger.



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