Cervical Fluid, Sensation & Cervix Resources


Non-Dry Basic Infertile Patterns
This document gives a little information about how non-dry basic infertile patterns work and why they should only be done under an instructor if TTA.

The Cervical Mucus Project
Sister site containing a library of Cervical Mucus media (please participate to expand this resource!)

WHY WIPE? Importance of Wiping Correctly
Article written by a group member & FAM educator detailing how & why to wipe properly when checking CM

Kindara Articles on CM
External link – 4 CM-related articles by popular app company Kindara

Drugs which can affect cervical mucus
Google docs link – PDF detailing medications that are known to affect CM

Cervix Photo Gallery
External link – actual photos of cervixes! (graphic content warning)

How to Increase Your Cervical Mucus
Article written by a group member & FAM educator with tips for how to increase CM

What is Walking Sensation?
This article discusses what walking sensation is and why it is important for opening and closing the fertile window.

Vaginal Sensation: Tips, Practice & Categorization
Article written by a group member & FAM educator covering the importance of vaginal/wiping sensation