Fertility Intentions Scale

A communications tool for those in currently sexually active relationships

[by Fiona Fox 2015]

DISCLAIMER: This is a communications tool for sexually active couples. This scale is NOT to be used for debate OR ENDORSEMENT on the subjects of fertility treatments/procedures, or abortion. It is simply a realistic recognition of the varying views and mind-sets amongst Fertility Awareness users. (I have respectfully not included couples abstaining to avoid pregnancy simply because I did not feel there was an easy place to rank this level – this is why the scale is labeled for “currently sexually active couples” I am not trying to exclude those who choose to abstain and am very aware and respectful of these couples!) ALSO! Pursuing adoption is intentionally left out because a couple could choose to adopt regardless of their fertility intentions (ie. needing to avoid for physical health reasons but still wanting to grow their family)

Click here to view/download as a pdf file. Click here to view a Pro Life version of this scale.

TTC – Trying To Conceive

TTW – Trying to Whatever

TTA – Trying to Avoid

10 TTC – “ Seriously TTC” Intentional intercourse every cycle. Would pursue any/ALL fertility treatments or procedures if needed.
9 TTC – “Highly hopeful TTC” Intentional intercourse every cycle. Would consider some but not all fertility treatments if needed.
8 TTC – “Excited to start/grow a family TTC” Intentional intercourse every cycle. Excited to start/grow a family. But would not use any fertility treatments if needed.
7 TTW/TTC – Pregnancy very welcome (moving up the scale in very near future).
6 TTW – Charting only for health/curiosity. Unprotected intercourse happens whenever. Pregnancy very welcome.
5 TTW/TTA – “Loosely TTA” known risks are taken in the fertile window. “OOPS” pregnancy would be welcome.
4 TTA – Not taking risks.  Currently content with family size but a surprise pregnancy would be welcome.
3 TTA – Not taking risks. “Oh NO how did this happen?! but everything will be okay” Surprise pregnancy would eventually be welcome.
2 TTA – Not taking risks.  Would need some time, maybe counseling. Ultimately keeping the pregnancy.
1 TTA – Not taking risks.  Would strongly consider placing baby for adoption.
0 TTA – Not taking risks.  Would take all available measures to end a pregnancy.