ADTD A Day to Drain “a day to reassess my vagina” (saying no to sex for recovery purposes) **group term**
AF Aunt Flo, a menstrual period also known as “a visit from Aunt Flo”
Baby dust Wishing one luck to conceive
BBT Basal body temperature
BCP Birth control pills
BD Baby dance; sex with the purpose of conception
BIP Basic Infertile Pattern (Not recommended unless working with a FAM Instructor)
BF Breastfeeding
BFN Big fat negative pregnancy test
BFP Big fat positive pregnancy test
CCL Couple to Couple League (an organization that teaches and writes books on NFP)
CD Cycle Day
CF Cervical fluid
CFH Charting for Health **group term**
CL Coverline
CM Cervical mucus (same as CF)
CP Cervical position
CSS Chart Share Sunday – the designated day the FAMily shares their charts #itsathing **group term**
CTA Charting To Avoid (same as TTA) **group term**
CTC Charting to Conceive (same as TTC) **group term**
DH Dear/darling husband
DP Dear/darling partner
DPO Day(s) past ovulation
DTD Do the deed; have sex
EBF Exclusively breastfeeding
EWCF Egg white cervical fluid
EWCM Egg white cervical mucus (same as EWCF)
FAM Fertility Awareness Method; for TTA, TTC, tracking cycles for health and period prediction
FFF FAM Failure Friday – the designated day the FAMily gets to view a fake chart with rule-breakers to help learn #itsathing **group term**
FP Follicular phase
HBC Hormonal birth control
HCG Human chorionic gonadotropin; what a PG test measures
HPT Home pregnancy test
IDBC Intercourse Dependent Birth Control (barriers, withdrawal, spermicide, etc.)
LAM Lactational Amenorrhea Method
LH Luteinizing hormone
LP Luteal phase
MC Miscarriage
MM Monthly Maintenance, a menstrual period
NFP Natural Family Planning
NTNP Not trying and not preventing pregnancy
OD Ov dust; wishing one luck to Ov
OPKs Ovulation predicting kits
Ov Ovulation, Ovulating, Ovulated
OT Off-topic
PCOS Polycystic ovarian syndrome
PG Pregnancy, pregnant
PIV Penis in vagina sex
POAS Pee on a stick, take a PG test
PP Postpartum
P+3 Peak day plus three days after confirmed Ov.
P+4 Peak day plus four days after confirmed Ov.
ROF Return of Fertility
ROFW Return of Fertility Watch – a group post every Wednesday for anyone charting PP
SET/Kegels Semen Emitting Technique
SO Significant other
STM Sympto-thermal method
TBT Text Book Tuesday – the designated day the FAMily gets to view a chart to decide
on coverline, peak day and temp shift – for learning purposes #itsathing **group term**
TCOYF Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book by Toni Weschler)
TTA Trying to avoid conception
(explanation of the numbers you see, e.g., “TTA2” can be found here
TTC Trying to conceive
TTW Trying to Whatever – you take risks ppl TTA wouldn’t because it’s okay if you get pregnant, but you’re not purposefully trying to to get pregnant either.
T3 Temp shift of three days. Three sustained high temps confirming Ov
TW Trigger Warning
TWW Two week wait for AF or possible conception
UP Unprotected from pregnancy; sex without withdrawal; semen inside the vagina