FAM Manuals

[compiled by Katie Pryjmak & Antonela Vuljan]

There are a variety of fertility awareness methods that can be practiced and whilst we recommend learning your chosen method via an instructor, self-learning is possible via the manuals listed below, unless otherwise noted.  The first two books on the list – Taking Charge of Your Fertility and Garden of Fertility – are specifically designed for self-learning and instructors are not available.

If you are charting through difficult circumstances (PCOS, post HBC, postpartum, perimenopause etc) or are finding FAM confusing or difficult, please utilize an instructor.  A list of certified instructors can be found here.

Some free (or very inexpensive) resources are listed at the bottom of this page.

“Taking Charge of your Fertility” by Toni Weschler  

Aka ‘TCOYF’.  A unique manual in that it is specifically designed for self-learning, rules are in Fahrenheit (F) only but many in the group learn this way and then apply the simple Celsius (C) temperature shift rules of the Sensiplan method. Secular.

“Garden of Fertility” by Katie Singer

In F, similar to TCOYF, but gives less detail with charting rules and has more of a focus on cycle problems/nutrition etc. Works better as a companion to TCOYF but possible to learn from on it’s own. Secular.

“Natural & Safe: The Handbook” by Reply

The official English manual for the very popular Sensiplan method.  Celsius only.  Secular. International website.

“A Couple’s Guide to Fertility” by Rose Fuller & R.J. Huneger

SymptoPro method, specifically states it cannot be self-taught but the manual is excellent, in F primarily but also has conversions for C users. One of the most affordable programs for both learning with an instructor OR becoming an instructor. Non secular but accommodating and not pushy; religion doesn’t show up in the learning materials.

Sympto Website

Free to download. Mainly Celsius, but F is mentioned and is possible to use with this method. Geared specifically towards learning to use their Sympto app. There’s enough info in there to learn how to chart in general, but the language in the manual as well as the charts are quite off-putting for most. Secular.

“The Complete Guide To Fertility Awareness” by Jane Knight

The Fertility UK method in Celsius, but oddly charts in .1C increments where most other Celsius methods use .05C increments. The book is very scientific and geared towards medical professionals. Free basic beginner’s guide to download along with charts on the Fertility UK website here.  Secular.

NFPTA Website

Free guides to download, in Celsius, but a bit outdated and somewhat complicated. This method is probably better learned via an instructor who can provide updated/streamlined manuals and instruction. Secular.

“Justisse User Guide” by Elaine Matus & Geraldine Matus

Justisse method is very similar to the Creighton mucus-only method. Justisse is often taught as a sympto-thermal method, however since its mucus observations are so rigorous it can be used with mucus-only if desired. Instruction is usually available in F and C. Secular.

“The Art of Natural Family Planning” by Couple to Couple League (CCL)

CCL was originally founded by the Kippleys who left and went on to found NFPI. After their departure, CCL simplified the rules with the help of Sensiplan researchers. The method is in Fahrenheit, but instructors may be able to assist with C charting as well. Non secular (religion is present in materials)

NFPI Website

Free to download, in F, it is the modern replacement for an older version of “The Art of Natural Family Planning” (4th ed, rainbow cover) by the Kippleys which is still available used on Amazon and covers both F and C. Some may find both manuals to be unnecessarily complicated compared to other methods, but others may like that the manuals are extremely detailed. Non secular (religion is present in materials)


Some FREE or very inexpensive ways to access some FAM resources are as follows: