Podcasts (Hormonal Health)


How to Make Your Periods a Breeze – Dr. Andrea Maxim www.blogtalkradio.com/drloradio/2015/06/17/how-to-make-your-periods-a-breeze-with-dr-andrea-maxim


Fertility Friday Podcasts www.fertilityfriday.com/category/fertility-friday-podcast/

Learn about FAM through weekly podcast interviews with experts in the field of Fertility Awareness, fertility and overall health.
{special mention – the founder of our Facebook group, Aisha Muwuluzi, was interviewed for this podcast channel, listen here 

Female Hormones and Digestive Problems -Dr. Dan Kalish www.blogtalkradio.com/undergroundwellness/2013/09/13/dr-dan-kalish–female-hormones-and-digestive-problems


Repairing Periods and Hormones – Lara Briden www.theprimalshift.com.au/tps-49-repairing-periods-and-hormones-with-lara-briden/


Progesterone and Women’s Health  – Beverly Meyerwww.ondietandhealth.com/progesterone-and-womens-health/


The Period Party – Nicole Jardim and Nat Kringoudis www.theperiodparty.com


The Secrets to Optimal Female Health – Alisa Vitti www.acast.com/davidwolfesofficialpodcast/alisa-vitti-on-the-secrets-to-optimal-female-health

Exploring the female glandular system and learn how find a smooth monthly cycle as well as harmony between all parts of the female body.

In Sickness + In Health by – Cara Gael www.acast.com/insicknessinhealth