Sensiplan Resources

Sensiplan is a well-researched method of Fertility Awareness that originated in Germany but is gradually being extended to other countries.


An English version of the book is available in the US > sensiplan-the-handbook. Internationally, the ebook set can be accessed via the Rakuten Kobo website. Celsius only. You can find a free copy of Natural and Safe through a one month trial on the Scribd website/app.

**Comparison chart for Sensiplan vs TCOYF: (credit: Antonela Vuljan)

**Example of how you can set Kindara up for simplified charting. Note that this document is for the method “SymptoPro” which has similar classifications. Sticky = S mucus, Eggwhite = S+ mucus:

**Many community members use the Kindara app, however here are a few Sensiplan-specific apps for those interested: In English – Lily set to AG NFP (iOS), Lady Cycle (Android), Drip (Android), myWonder (iOS/Android), Ovy (iOS/Android); In German – myNFP (iOS/Android/web), NEOME (iOS/Android). The Read Your Body app can be customized for Sensiplan and allows for total manual interpretation by the user.

**Also worth noting that the US clinic in North Carolina that sells the handbook also offers Sensiplan classes in English (Celsius only), but they are not inexpensive

Websites (ignore any security message that comes up – this website is safe to access) (use Google Translate to convert to English)


Natürlich & Sicher
Workbook to practice on example charts:
It is also available directly at their publisher, the Trias Verlag. You can purchase an ebook there also.


Natuurlijk & Zeker
Book alternate site:


Naturel et Fiable Website (contains link to book):


Naravno in zanesljivo
Website (contains links to book & workbook):


Természetes & biztonságos Website (contains links to book & workbook):