The Well (formerly Grace of the Moon) Instructors

Whitney Miley Price is a Fertility Awareness & Holistic Reproductive Health Educator certified through The Well (formerly Grace of the Moon) and the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals. She teaches the Symptothermal Method with both single- and double-check rule variations, and is experienced in supporting clients throughout all phases of the reproductive lifespan including postpartum, perimenopause, and those using IUI to conceive. Beyond avoiding or achieving pregnancy, Whitney’s teachings cover optimizing hormonal health, deepening pleasure capacity and sexual wellbeing, and cycle syncing your life and relationships.

Whitney offers group classes and private consults, both in-person and online. She has recently relocated from Berkeley, CA to Atlanta, GA. Whitney loves to travel for her work and is available for workshops and retreats. You can learn more about her at her website:, or follow her on Instagram: @whitneymileyprice.

Caitlin McMurtry is based in Northern California and offers live and online classes and consults for learning the symptothermal method. She also offers menstrual cycle education classes for girls, teens, and parents. She welcomes students from all backgrounds and walks of life. Learn more at

Hannah Ransom. Location – US. Certified with The Well.  Online service available.  Teaches the sympto-thermal method with no religious affiliation. Learn more at

Laura McClure is certified through The Well and Association of the Fertility Awareness Professionals. Personal experiences with trying to conceive, an extensive history with secondary infertility, and life long hormonal imbalances paved the path to fertility awareness. She teaches a secular, sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness for trying to conceive, trying to prevent pregnancy, and holistic hormonal balance. A wide variety of classes are offered covering topics from Transitioning Into Menopause, Menstrual Care Products, PCOS, Happy Healthy Hormones, and more. Group and individual classes are available online and offered locally to those residing in Bend, Oregon. Find her on Instagram @Empowering_Bodies or her Facebook business page

Ashley Hartman Annis teaches a secular method, but is happy to work with all belief systems in a non-judgmental way. She teaches basal body temperature, cervical fluid, and cervical position. Her courses are available online and in person in Madison, WI. She also provides full spectrum doula services, abortion and miscarriage support, and creates educational zines. You can find out more at

Rosemary Roberts is certified with The Well.  Holistic education & support for the reproductive continuum. Also offering childbirth & lactation education, and pregnancy loss & abortion support.  California. Welcoming to all, inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation. Learn more at

Audrey Post. Certified with  The Well. Learn more on her website at

Katinka Locascio. New York, USA. Learn more at

Sarah Bly. Reproductive Health Educator, Midwife, FAE. Founding member and trainer/mentor of the AFAP. In practice since 2001, Sarah offers private consultations, lectures and classes on women’s health and embodiment as well as a two year FAE certification program.  She works with women seeking guidance for gauging reproductive health, contraception, pre-conception, infertility, hormonal imbalances and more. Teaches the sympto-thermal method and includes variations to meet the protocols of the Frank-Hermann German study. Also teaches Clinical Applications of FA (normally to med school students and health care practitioners), which delves into the terminology, different variations and effectiveness of the method. Learn more at