WHY WIPE? Importance of Wiping Correctly: External Checks for Cervical Fluid with Toilet Paper

[written by Megan McNamara ~ Certified Fertility Awareness Educator ~ @FAMtasticFertility]


QUESTION: When externally checking for cervical fluid (CF), does it matter how you wipe (front to back or back to front)? If so, how do you literally keep the TP on your hand from slipping?


ANSWER: I had the same question when I started. I would always wipe “upwards” toward the top of my vulva and then would reach around to wipe front to back for my anus separately. I was confused when books specified that you should wipe from front to back, for the vulva, too.


HERE’S WHY IT’S IMPORTANT, THOUGH: By wiping “front to back” aka “top to bottom” from your clitoris, down over the vaginal opening, and then continuing on another inch or so ***over the perineum***, you are catching as much CF as possible and then wiping the TP over the perineum allows you to properly feel the sensation from the CF – dry (associated with no CF), smooth (associated with sweat/no CF OR could mean CF is present), or lubricative (definite CF).


However, if you wipe from bottom (perineum) to top (clitoris), you’re not able to wipe the CF over the perineum to feel the sensation. Also, in my experience (because I tried to resist doing it the correct way at first), when I did try wiping my normal way from bottom to top, any CF I did have got lost in the folds of my labia/lips. I would wipe my normal way and find nothing, but then I would immediately wipe the way I was instructed to, and I would find fertile CF!


I do it like this: I take about 2-4 double-ply squares of TP, and keep folding it into rectangles smaller and smaller until I have a rectangle about 2 inches by 3 inches – ish. Then, I roll one end of the TP rectangle a tiny bit to create a spot to “hold onto” as I wipe it downward. The grip ridge is the opposite side than what you wipe with. Smooth side = wipes across vaginal opening. Grip ridge side = faces away from vaginal opening. I hold that little ridge with my thumb and forefinger and wipe top to bottom, from clitoris, really over the vaginal opening (sometimes I “scoop into” the vaginal opening to ensure I get anything that’s there), and then downward across the perineum, stopping before the anus.

PS – After urination, you can definitely gently dab most of the urine away before wiping to check for CF. I will usually dab lightly, get most of it, and then use a separate folded square to check for CF.

Ready in a matter of seconds!

Video Demo

[Yes, this really happened]
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***IMPORTANT*** Remember, we achieve the highest efficacy of FAM by following the rules perfectly, not by hand-picking how to follow them or which rules to follow. The Justisse Method dictates that that is the most accurate way to check. With perfect use of FAM, it can be highly effective, but when we stray from the rules, that’s when your CF checks could be less than accurate. Be sure to check 100% of the time – before & after each urination or BM (bowel movement aka pooping), before and after bathing, and whenever you happen to be naked and it’s convenient. It’s especially important to check after a BM because the movement causes CF to be moved toward the vaginal opening more readily. Simply wipe the anus completely clean first, then check for CF with different TP. By checking properly and often, I am ensuring that I will see all present CF, if it’s there, so that’s what I do. Might seem like a lot of work, but much easier than an unintended pregnancy, right?


Having said all this, sometimes external TP checks cannot work for some people who don’t produce a lot of CF. If that’s your case at all, then I’d suggest consulting an instructor or detailed write-up of how to EXACTLY & PROPERLY do internal CF checks.
Hope this helps! Remember, FAM is learning a whole new life skill. The new way of wiping might seem weird at first, but I promise it will become a strong habit within a week or two. You can do it!