Downloadable Charts

Everyone that practices FAM will need a chart to record their daily observations. Many will choose a digital App, but below you will find links to blank downloadable and paper charts, many of which were created by members of our community. If you have a chart that you would like to share, please contact us and we will add it to this page.


Fahrenheit Chart by Elle Griffin (PDF, printable)

Celsius Chart by Elle Griffin (PDF, printable)

Sensiplan Celsius Chart by Susann Pickard with video tutorial (Numbers download)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Chart by NFPTA Ireland (PDF, printable) 

Celsius Chart by NFPTA UK (PDF, printable) 

Celsius/Fahrenheit Chart by NFPI (PDF, printable)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Charts by Samantha Stadler (PDF, printable)

Celsius Chart by Justyna Granicka (Excel download) 

Fahrenheit Chart by Brittany B (Excel download) 

Celsius Chart by Sarah Broadberry (Numbers download) 

Celsius/Fahrenheit Chart by Leslie Rewis (PDF, printable)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Chart by Angela Smith (Google Docs to download)

Charting journal by Jessie Brebner or (to purchase online) 

Celsius Chart in Polish I by NFPTA UK (PDF, printable)

Celsius Chart in Polish II by NFPTA UK (PDF, printable)

Fahrenheit Chart by Alyssa Tucker (PDF, printable) 

Fahrenheit Chart in English by SymptoPro (PDF, printable)

Celsius Chart in Spanish by SymptoPro (PDF, printable)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Sensiplan Chart by Stephanie (PDF, printable)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Chart by Stephanie (PDF, printable)

Fahrenheit Chart by Abigail Zaepfel (Excel download)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Chart by Katherine Dale (PDF, printable)

Fahrenheit & Celsius TCOYF Charts (PDF & Excel)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Chart by Szilagyi Greta, Romania (Word, printable)